Lucy Allen Designs

Lucy Allen Designs


Lucy is a London based textiles artist who creates unique and beautiful crochet garments such as cardigans, blankets, bags, hats and even cheeky bras.



Lucy studied BA(hons) Textile Design at university and specialised in Knitted Textiles. Her signature use of bright colours ignites memories of the 90's and embodies fun and happy vibes. Her use of pop culture references just further provokes nostalgia, whilst her use of text creates powerful and unique garments.



As an advocate of animal rights and welfare, Lucy uses good quality acrylic wool instead of sheep's wool, "..its easy to clean and also means no beautiful sheep were harmed in the making of my items :)".



I myself own two items from Lucy Allen Designs, a custom beautiful crocket blanket (Casper themed … got to keep it spooky) and a stunning picture that my wife brought me made from textiles and embroidery  (images below).


You can buy Lucy's hand crafted items via her Etsy page Lucy Allen Designs

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