Inspired Instinct Design Prints

For our second Artist Wednesday we are showcasing the very talented Inspired Instinct Design Prints. 

The print business was first opened May 2021 on Etsy as a positive response to the Covid pandemic and the unfortunate lack of work that came with it. The hope was that the Etsy shop would bring in the much needed extra income whilst also being a creative realise.

Inspired Instinct Design Prints is run by an experienced freelance graphic designer & illustrator with over 10 years experience in the industry. Whilst self taught in Adobe Suite, their passion for design stated whist they studied art at A-Level in Nottingham back in the 1990’s.

Whilst graphic design can be varied depending on the request from clients, Inspired Instinct Design Prints style can be best described as grunge at the heart with a hint of rustic/hipster/artisan. With this said their expertise can be utilised to take on any particular style at the request of their client.

All their prints are produced using Giclée printers. What is a Giclée print I hear you ask? Giclée derived from a blend of French words; gicleur, which is a technical term for a nozzle or jet, and gicler, to spray out. The term Giclée — pronounced gee-klay — was initially coined by printmaker Jack Duganne in 1991. Today, it's used to describe fine art printing using pigment based, archival quality inks, manufactured on advanced inkjet printers.

Most printers use CMYK 4-colour combination, Giclée printers use up to 12 individual colours. This gives much smoother gradient transitions and a wider colour gamut. In other words, more depth and richness to the final print, which helps to create stunning vibrant artwork with amazing reproduction.

You can purchase Inspired Instinct Design Prints either via their Etsy shop or website, both linked below. Why not also give their Instagram a follow.



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