Artist Wednesday

Artist Wednesday

Supporting independent artists and creatives is extremely important to Black Wax Emporium, and we are passionate about the creative industries and the positive outlet that art can give to people. The first Wednesday of each month we shall be featuring on our social media and blog a new independent artist or creative small business, raising awareness of their talent and hopefully help the 'small guy' out..... because we all know they are the most creative and interesting. 

We never charge a fee to the artists we feature and promote as we feel its difficult enough as a independent artist or owner of a small creative business as it is and we believe in giving back and helping people out where we can, letting people grow with us rather then knocking them down.... plus we love looking at all the amazing talented people out there <3

If you know (or are) a small creative business or independent artist that would like to be featured please drop us an email at or DM us on Instagram and we will take a look and hopefully give you a feature.

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